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Review: Fun for a while.
By: sioraf
By: ninjanathan
Review: This game offers an interesting little blurb about each of the warrior classes/cultures used in the game, but it is little more than a paragraph, and fails to really engage in a historical sense beyond that. The game play was simple, which makes this sort of game nice and accessible in my opinion. The basic attacks of the warriors seem to reflect the fighting methods of each culture however, so that's kind of interesting to see. Special attacks like "Odin Chop" for Vikings and "Liberty Stomp" for the American Revolutionaries are obviously not historically based at all, but seem necessary for this style of game. The American Revolutionaries also seem extremely out of place in this list of warriors, considering they would rarely be considered "Elite" or highly trained warriors and the obvious technological advancements of muskets. If a class of warrior was needed for the America's part of the map, Incans, Aztecs, or even a warring First Nations tribe would seem more fitting.
By: dcross1

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