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    In Argument Wars, you debate historical Supreme Court cases by advancing arguments and backing them up with supports. Play New Jersey v. T.L.O., Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona, Texas v. Johnson, or Gideon v. Wainwright today!

    Argument Wars is a game designed to highlight the role of argumentation and reasoning in civic engagement. Step into the shoes of a lawyer and participate in trials ripped straight out of the history books. In order to win points with the judge, you must analyze your arguments and evidence carefully and be prepared to not only back up yours claims, but to pop your opponent's bubble when they make a misstep. Can you tip the scales of justice in your favor?


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Rating: [no rating]
By: babythickdoe
Rating: [no rating]
Review: I seriouly would like to pose an argumental debate now...
By: phoenix
Review: The link is dead but it can be played on other sites, brainpop is one.
By: sioraf
Rating: [no rating]
Review: this game right here is really ghudd
By: katina
Rating: [no rating]
By: lesterteacher
Review: how do u play dis game
By: enibabe
Rating: [no rating]
Review: The link is not working as of May 6, 2012
By: barmc1
Rating: [no rating]
By: bobby
Review: love this game.
By: snickers
Rating: [no rating]
Review: This game sucks.
By: ggg333

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